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Welcome to OscMod – a website about making electronic music on a minimal budget. It features video tutorials and articles that are designed for beginner to intermediate level. Download free resources and develop your skills by completing micro projects. The focus is on creativity, exploring new techniques and having fun.

Let’s get started!

Digital Audio Workstations

It’s possible to produce commercial quality music using a low-end desktop or laptop computer. This website is about maximising your creativity on a minimal budget.

Virtual Studio Technology

The tools you will need can be downloaded at zero cost and are fully functional. There are hundreds of free VST instruments and effects that are used by industry professionals.

Production & Sound Design

My tutorials are designed to help you master the basics and rapidly develop your skills. Start discovering the infinite possibilities of electronic music – for free.

Discover, create, enjoy!

Video Tutorials

My video tutorials are aimed at beginner to intermediate level users with step-by-step instructions. Each one contains a micro project that you can incorporate into your own tracks.

Free Downloads

The downloads section of this website features free samples and VST instruments/effects by top plugin developers. You can quickly and easily build a library of high-quality, professional resources.


In addition to tutorials and free downloads, you’ll also find articles about electronic music and sound design. Get inspired and explore new directions for your music.


Join a community of supportive people who are passionate about creating electronic music. Use the social links below to find me on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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Reaper 5.9

25 Reasons To Use Reaper

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Novation 41SL Mk III

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Reaper 5.9

Professional results on a budget

I use Reaper in all of my tutorials. It’s a mature, stable and powerful DAW with the same features and sound quality as Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro etc. You can download a free, fully functional 60-day evaluation to get started. A discounted license for personal use is just £57 ($60).

Easy to learn, flexible and well supported

Reaper is one of the easiest DAWs to learn with excellent online resources and a helpful user community. Everything can be customised to suit your workflow including toolbars, menus and themes. New features are added by the developers on a regular basis through free updates.

Low Frequency Oscillations

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