Free Effects

The effects on this page are 100% free to download without any limitations. They have been carefully selected for their quality, stability and ease of use. In some cases, you will need to create an account using your email address to access the files.

In my opinion, they are as good as the stock plugins that come with Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Cubase, Studio One etc. Effects marked with an * are only available as part of a “bundle”, which can be several GB in size but are well worth installing.

You can filter the list by entering keywords in the search box. Click on the thumbnail images to enlarge.

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Free Effects

Ambient ReverbStone VoicesReverb (Algorithmic)WinVSTDOWNLOAD
Blue Cat's Chorus*Blue Cat AudioChorusMac, WinAAX, AU, RTAS, VSTDOWNLOAD
Blue Cat's Flanger*Blue Cat AudioFlangerMac, WinAAX, AU, RTAS, VSTDOWNLOAD
Blue Cat's Phaser*Blue Cat AudioPhaserMac, WinAAX, AU, RTAS, VSTDOWNLOAD
BoogexVoxengoAmp SimulatorMac, WinAAX, AU, VST, VST3DOWNLOAD
Bx SubfilterBrainworxFilterMac, WinAAX, AU, VSTDOWNLOAD
Camel CrusherCamel AudioCompressor, DistortionMac, WinAU, RTAS, VSTDOWNLOAD
DC1AKlanghelmCompressorMac, WinAAX, AU, VST, VST3DOWNLOAD
FAT FilterSoundSpotFilterMac, WinAU, AAX, VST, VST3DOWNLOAD
FractureGlitchmachinesDelay, GlitchMac, WinAU, VSTDOWNLOAD
FreeAmpKlevgrandSaturationMac, WinAAX, AU, VSTDOWNLOAD
Freq EchoValhallaDSPDelay, Frequency ShifterMac, WinAAX, AU, RTAS, VSTDOWNLOAD
FuzzPlus 3Audio DamageDistortion, Fuzz PedalMac, WinAU, AAX, VST, VST3DOWNLOAD
Guitar Rig 5*Native InstrumentsGuitar, Multi EffectsMac, WinAAX, AU, VSTDOWNLOAD
HY-Delay 4HY-PluginsDelayMac, WinAU, VST, VST3DOWNLOAD
HY-FilterHY-PluginsFilterMac, WinAU, VST, VST3DOWNLOAD
HysteresisGlitchmachinesDelay, GlitchMac, WinAU, VSTDOWNLOAD
HY-TP2HY-PluginsPan, TremoloMac, WinAU, VST, VST3DOWNLOAD
KrushTritikBitcrusher, DistortionMac, WinAAX, AU, VSTDOWNLOAD
LoudMaxThomas MundtLimiterLinux, Mac, WinAU, LADSPA, VSTDOWNLOAD
MCompressor*MeldaProductionCompressorMac, WinAU, AAX, VST, VST3DOWNLOAD
MConvolutionEZ*MeldaProductionReverb (Convolution)Mac, WinAU, AAX, VST, VST3DOWNLOAD
MEqualizer*MeldaProductionEQMac, WinAU, AAX, VST, VST3DOWNLOAD
MultiplyAcon DigitalChorusMac, WinAAX, AU, VSTDOWNLOAD
Noiiz FilterNoiizFilter, DistortionMac, WinAAX, AU, VSTDOWNLOAD
OldSkoolVerbVoxengoReverb (Algorithmic)Mac, WinAAX, AU, VST, VST3DOWNLOAD
Oril RiverDenis TihanovReverb (Algorithmic)Mac, WinVST, VST3DOWNLOAD
OSL ChorusOblivion Sound LabChorusMac, WinAU, VSTDOWNLOAD
OTTXferMultiband CompressorMac, WinAAX, AU, VSTDOWNLOAD
Roth-AirDaniel RothmannEQMac, WinAU, VSTDOWNLOAD
Supercharger*Native InstrumentsCompressorMac, WinAAX, AU, VSTDOWNLOAD
TDR NovaTokyo Dawn RecordsDynamic EQMac, WinAAX, AU, VSTDOWNLOAD
ToneLib GFXToneLibGuitar, Multi EffectsLinux, Mac, WinAU, VST, VST3DOWNLOAD
TranspireSonic AnomalyTransient ProcessorMac, WinJSFX, VSTDOWNLOAD
VinyliZotopeVinyl simulatorMac, WinAAX, AU, RTAS, VST, VST3DOWNLOAD
Vocal DoubleriZotopeVocal DoublerMac, WinAAX, AU, RTAS, VST, VST3DOWNLOAD